Make Full Use of MS Word

Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of Microsoft Word.

Align charts and pictures

In Word 2010, anchor charts and pictures to text to keep them in place. To do this, right click the object and set the “Text Wrapping” option to something other than “In Line with Text”.

Create sub-lists

In Word 2003, choose “Bullets and Numbering” from the Format menu. Click the “Outline Numbered” tab and choose a suitable style. Type the first list item and press Enter to create another item at the same level. Press the Tab button to drill down one level.

Restore Word 2003 styles

To restore the Word 2003 styles in Word 2010, click “Change Styles” in the Styles section of Home. Now click “Style Set”, then find and click “Word 2003”. To make this change permanent, click the “Change Styles” button again followed by “Set as Default”.

Perform simple sums

To add figures in Word 2010, click “File” followed by “Options”. Click “Quick Access Toolbar”, and select “All Commands” from the dropdown menu and then scroll through to find “Calculate”. Click to select it and then click “Add”. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Link text boxes

To have text flow from one box to the next in Word 2010, click the Insert tab followed by Text box and insert two text boxes into the document. Click the first box and then choose the Format tab within Drawing Tools. Click the “Create Link” icon in the Text section then click the second box and the boxes will be linked.

Email documents as PDFs

To email documents as PDFs in Word 2010, click the File button and choose “Save & Send” followed by “Create PDF/XPS Document”. Click on the “Create PDF/XPS” button and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Note: To convert Word to PDF, you can click the File button and choose “Save As” and then “PDF or XPS” in Word 2007/2010. If you are using the 2003 version, we introduce a useful tool - Nemo Word to PDF. It’s an extremely easy-to-use PDF conversion tool, supports batch and partial conversion and retains the original contents.

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