Giveaway: All Nemo PDF Conversion Tools are Free Now!

April 13th, 2012 – Nemo PDF, a professional PDF tools provider announces that all the PDF conversion tools on its official website ( are free now. Anyone who visits its official website can get the Nemo PDF tools for free.

Nemo PDF Convert software includes Nemo PDF Converter, Nemo All toP DF, Nemo Word to PDF, Nemo Excel to PDF, Nemo PDF Word. It provides you various easy and efficient solutions to converting MS Office Word/Excel/PPT, text, html, and images to PDF, as well as PDF files to MS Word/RTF accurately.

1. Nemo PDF Converter
Efficient 3-in-1 PDF convert software to help you easily and exactly convert PDF to editable Word (*.doc, *.rtf) documents and convert Word/Excel (*.docx, *.doc,*.xlsx, *.xls) back to PDF in seconds.

2. Nemo All to PDF
Powerful 6-in-1 PDF utility designed to convert various printable documents to PDF accurately, including MS Office Word (*.docx, *.doc), Excel (*.xlsx, *.xls), PowerPoint (*.pptx, *.ppt), Notepad file (*.txt), HTML (*.htm, *.tml, *.xml), Images (*.bmp; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.png; *.gif; *.rtf).

3. Nemo Word to PDF
Extremely easy-to-use PDF conversion tool designed to convert MS Office Word documents (*.docx, *.doc) to PDF files in an easy, fast and accurate way.

4. Nemo Excel to PDF
Easy and fast PDF conversion tool designed to convert MS Office Excel spreadsheets (*.xlsx, *.xls) to PDF with original formatting and layout persevered.

5. Nemo PDF to Word
Free PDF to Word converter that converts PDF to editable Word files (*.doc, *.rtf) in seconds. All original formats are preserved after conversion.

To get Nemo PDF tools for free, you just need to download the trail version and get its free keycode from: Next you can install the trial version and then register it with the related keycode.

About Nemo PDF
Nemo PDF Company is a professional provider of PDF converter software established in 2006. Aimed at offering the best PDF-based products and services worldwide, we have been dedicated to improving our technology, products, services, etc. Up to now, our products include PDF Converter, All to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF and PDF to Word, which have been widely used by government, schools, companies, personal users all over the world. More details please visit:

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