Enjoy iPad Reading with the Help of PDF Converter

Reading on the iPad 2 is a very pleasant experience. The big screen size is perfect for reading books, and the thinner and slightly lighter new device makes it easier to carry and read anywhere. The text displays well, and you can adjust text size, contrast, and tone to customize how you want the text to appear.

Would you like to enjoy PDF files with iPad 2 on the go? In the market, there are tons of free programs PDF to ePub Converter to help you do the PDF conversion jobs, but you will be frustrated with the output effects.

Looking for a best PDF to ePub Converter for iPad 2 to get an amazing quality of eBook for your iPad 2? This PDF to ePub Converter is specially developed to make ePub from PDF files for eBooks reading fans with iPad 2.

The following tutorial is showing you how to convert PDF to ePub eBook for iPad 2 on Windows. The PDF converter for converting PDF to ePub is easy to use with 3 mouse clicks.

Step 1: Add PDF files to PDF to ePub Converter.
Download, install and start the easiest PDF to ePub Converter. Simply click “Add” or drag the file into the tool to add the wanted files.

Step 2: Set output path for the converted ePub files.
Click the “Browse” button to open the directory and specify the output folder to store the converted .epub file(s) or you can use the default path.

Step 3: Set PDF page range.
You can convert the whole PDF file or current PDF page to ePub file. Also you can even convert the selected PDF pages by inputting the page range or page numbers.

Step 4: Convert PDF to ePub for iPad 2.
Click Convert button to start the PDF to ePub conversion, after conversion you can load it to iPad 2 for reading.

The steps are usually easy for most of us even for the beginners. All of the conversion jobs could be finished within a few clicks. And then it’s time to enjoy the iPad reading, thanks to the great convenience of PDF converter tools.

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